About Us

We are young couple from Slovakia. He is an IT guy and sometimes she doesn't understand what he is talking about. He dreams about buying a server. He loves his own bed, box, chess and unix. He hates travelling, earliness and junk food. She is a marketing specialist and a freelance journalist. She dreams about travelling around the world. She loves adventures, sunrise and sunset. She doesn´t sleep a lot and talks a lot. She hates the idea of buying a server.
We both know that compromises are important for healthy and happy relationship, so we travel together around the world. We don't have own server. Yet.

We are Lover and Hater and we try to travel around the world smart and not waste money on things which are not important. We can enjoy beautiful hotel resorts and fancy services, but we don´t need them all the time. We also enjoy living around local people, eating with them in authentic restaurants, visiting their favourite places and listening to their stories. Because we all have our stories.

his strengths

Grumbling about travelling
Writing funny and ironic travel stories

her strengths

Planning trips
Writing reportages and people´s stories