Welcome to Cloud Forest

There are a few totally commercial and insta famous places which I had wanted to visit even before they became so popular. One of them […]

Taiwan lake

How I met your mother

If we had children, this would be my version of “how I met you mother”. It is much shorter than that famous series and it […]

Vianoce v Mc woods

Santa with his crew

It is quite unusual for people from Europe to meet Santa’s gang while wearing T-shirt and shorts when there is over 30°C (86 degrees Fahrenheit). […]


The best tea I have ever drunk

During our road trip across Sri Lanka we visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Susantha Spice & Herbal Garden which is situated about […]


Who needs traffic rules?

Tired of traffic jams? Well it can be different in Sri Lanka. More fun. I never figured out the rules though. From right to left, […]


Mackwoods tea plantation

Mackwoods. This is Hollywood in tea world. Captured with my calculator. During season women are on plantation collecting tea leaves. We were told this is […]