Vianoce v Mc woods

Santa with his crew

It is quite unusual for people from Europe to meet Santa’s gang while wearing T-shirt and shorts when there is over 30°C (86 degrees Fahrenheit). […]


The best tea I have ever drunk

During our road trip across Sri Lanka we visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Susantha Spice & Herbal Garden which is situated about […]


Who needs traffic rules?

Tired of traffic jams? Well it can be different in Sri Lanka. More fun. I never figured out the rules though. From right to left, […]


Mackwoods tea plantation

Mackwoods. This is Hollywood in tea world. Captured with my calculator. During season women are on plantation collecting tea leaves. We were told this is […]


They are all nuts

We all have our stories. Did not ask about his, still regretting.


Walk the porcupines

“I am going to walk my porcupines really quick then I’ll do some shopping.” This is quite unusual view for some people. Quills are for […]