Kúpele Bojnice

Slow down with me

Have you ever heard about Slow Movement? Nothing complicated, it’s a theory of slowing down life’s pace. Something very natural but abnormal last years. We’ve […]


Welcome to Cloud Forest

There are a few totally commercial and insta famous places which I had wanted to visit even before they became so popular. One of them […]


Best teacher ever

Travelling is the best teacher ever. It allows you to see the world with completely different eyes. You realize that there are bigger issues than […]


Story about the whale

It was the last day of our holiday in Aruba. I wanted to take some nice pictures, so you all can imagine, how happy my hater […]


Small thought about dreams

This picture was taken almost a year ago. It’s me fulfilling my big travel dream by exploring amazing Aruba.  In January we all are full […]