Are you able to name your favourite destination?


A lot of people use to ask me which destination I´ve visited was my favourite. I am not able to answer this because every single one was special in its own way.

Poland, which was the very first foreign destination I visited. Bulgaria, where I saw the sea for the first time in my life. Turkey, where I was on a student exchange when I was 17. France, where I was with my best friend from university on my first girls trip. England, where I joined my first foreign press trip as a fashion reporter. Sri Lanka, the first exotic destination with my husband (as my boyfriend that time). Iceland, where I understood that the magic is real. Aruba, where I saw the most amazing beaches ever. Japan, which I explored with my two besties. Or our last destination, Bali, where we enjoyed our honeymoon and stayed at the private pool villa for the first time in our lifes?