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How to become a man in 2.2 seconds


Mostar. Small city in Bosnia & Herzegovina. And this is how boys become men.
So what does it take?

Easy, jump off the bridge. Locals say you won’t be a complete life failure if you jump off this bridge called Stari Most. And it is also on the internet, so it must be true. I guess you also need to survive to complete the task, but they did not mention all details.  The bridge is roughly 24 meters (78 feet) high so I did the math. It takes about 2.2 seconds until you hit Neretva river at speed of ~80 kmh (~50 mph).

Boys usually do the jump at the age of 16, swim out of the river and bam they are men. This process raises so many questions though. What happens if it comes to unrecoverable damage of man’s private parts? I think there is a high risk it can happen at that speed. Is the subject considered as a man or still a boy after the jump? What if a girl jumps off the bridge? Or what if a boy and a girl jump of the bridge, they both survive and want to get married after? Should it be considered as a gay marriage? They did not think it through at all…