Swiss-style hotel with a rich history

Fleischer's Hotel

During our trip to Norwegian fjords we found this elegant Fleischer’s Hotel right next to a main road in Voss. It enchanted me at a first look so I decided to find out a little more about it. It was established in 1864 by Fredirk Lyth Ørum Fleischer and his wife Magdalene. The hotel was destroyed by fire 24 years later, but Fleischer didn´t give up and decided for a fresh start.  Well-known architect Peter Andreas Blix rebuilt the hotel as it stands today with its specific Swiss-style spires and balconies.

At the turn of the century, Fleischer’s Hotel was visited by many prominent guests from all corners of the world, like kings, emperors, monarchs, lord etc. It has become famous. During World War II, the hotel was occupied by Germans. Fortunately, it wasn´t destroyed by bombs and stayed in a good condition. Now, it is run by the 4th generation of Fleischers and still has its typical charm. You can rent a room for around 200 €.