Story about the whale


It was the last day of our holiday in Aruba. I wanted to take some nice pictures, so you all can imagine, how happy my hater husband was. I put on my favourite dolly skirt and we went together to the beach. After a few pictures he took me in arms and went with me into the ocean.  Then he kissed me, smiled at me and told: „Hey sweetie, do you know that I am a member of Greenpeace?“ I was a little bit confused when I looked at him and asked him since when. He smiled again and told me: „From now. Don´t you see? I am returning the whale to the sea.“  And then he smiled and kissed me again. I wanted to be angry or at least to pretend I was, but I could not. In fact, it was really funny.  And from all those pictures this one is my favourite. End of story.