View from the top of Mount Fløyen

Mount Floyen

November is not the ideal month to visit Bergen. The weather is tricky – a lot of rain, heavy fog, cool afternoons, short days (only about 7 hours of daylight or less) and the average temperature about 5.5 °C. We had known it all but we decided to book a flight. We were lucky – we had only one bad-weather day. But unfortunatelly, it was the day when we took a hike to the top of Mount Fløyen, which usually starts in the city center, close to the famous Fish Market and Bryggen.

The tour is not really challenging (if the weather is nice) – it takes about 45 minutes and most of the road has asphalt. Mount Fløyen is 320 meters above sea level and provides stunning view. If the weather is nice. When we finally achieved the top, it was getting dark and started to rain. In the picture you can see the best view which Bergen showed us. Not bad, but I can imagine better one.